Miscellaneous Heathens 8th Annual Parade - Invasion of the Clowns

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Attention all Miscellaneous Heathens:

There will be a Heathen Parade on Saturday May 16 in Ocean Beach.

The founding members of the Miscellaneous Heathen tribe have deserted the compound of Brightonia and therefore the party will not take place there.

Heathen, it is up to YOU to carry on the tradition of the Miscellaneous Heathens Party. Heathens in OB are asked to open their homes for satellite parties on the eve of the Heathen Holiday.

We are preparing the logistics for the parade. Next week we will announce a meeting location for the parade, which will be at 11:30 PM.

We request that you and your friends come to the meeting spot in full clown regalia (you can be any kind of Heathen Clown your heart desires). We encourage you to carry flags, staffs, giant puppets, or other items that augment the vision of this year’s theme.

A video of last year's parade is available here:

Heathenly yours,
Randolph Heathen
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