La Playita Seafood Restaurant

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La Playita Seafood Restaurant
in San Diego
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La Playita - Good Mariscos In Clairemont
For a long time...there was no place near me where I could go eat my favorite kind of food, mariscos. Mariscos are "Mexican Seafood"....well, if your from another latin country...then its probably "<INSERT LATIN COUNTRY HERE> Seafood" I'd have to go south of the 8 to get anything remotely decent with respect to mariscos.

Then about 5 years ago....a mariscos shop opened up in Clairemont, La Playita. They were not the **best** I've had, but I gave them a solid B+...which is better than many...certainly good enough to satisfy a mid-week craving for mariscos....and mariscos are EASY to screw an B+ shop is definatly worth visiting regularly...not to mention, the guy who runs the place is super nice.

So I started going there regularly, about once or twice a week. Then after a couple years...he closed down, DOH! I was back to having to drive far to get instead I just ended up eating less of it. So many times I would think to myself "damn, if only La Playita was still open..."

Then yesterday....I was **HURTING** for out of desperation I went to Yahoo Yellow Pages...and low and behold...hidden...under a listing of "seafood"....I saw "La Playita"....back in Clairemont. I beat feet it over to La Playita with a friend...and it was my old a much smaller shop....with the same decor...with the same obnoxious Mexican music (oompa-oompa-oom-pa-pa) playing. He recognized me....and said hello and asked me how my *other* friend (whom I used to take there a lot) was.

I ordered my usual...and ***POW*** it was as good as it ever was. I was very thankful he opened up shop again.

Anyway, so if your looking for something to eat that is *fresh* and *Mexican* North of the 8, I suggest this place. Sadly they dont serve beer anymore...which goes perfect with this kind of food.

If you've never had mariscos before...why not check it out...and I dont mean...a fish taco from Rubios...or a shrimp burrtio from a taco shop....I mean....seafood from a place that sells "mariscos"....a marisco shop...that deals *mostly* in that kind of food. Its analagous to ordering sushi from ordering good sushi from a sushi shop. Anyway...this is a good place to start for mariscos.

What do I recommend there?

If you are brave...try the Campechana...or the "back-to-life cocktail" is what I eat 80% of the time I go. If you are less brave, try its less fancy cousin...try the "shrimp cocktail". NOTE: This is IN NO PART RELATED to the "American shrimp cocktail"...which is nothing more than 4 or 5 shrimp around the rim of a dixie cup and some horseradish. The "Mexican shrimp cocktail" is like a +5 vs. fire, goblet of awesomeness forged in the deepest darkest undersea depths where it is rumoured Posiden himself lives!!! KA-POW BISHES!!!! If you order either of these...sprinkle a healthy amount of Tapatio hot sauce and a little salt in the mix (and a little lime if you can get it)....and dont forget to ask for some tostadas to eat along side.

I also recommend the shrimp (or fish) ceviche tostada there. Same deal, put some Tapatio on top.

Next, if you are hungover....I recommend the "siete mares" soup (seven seas soup). Really good on lazy, warm Sunday.

Fish tacos are *fairly* good. But I am spoiled with fish tacos...I get to eat some of the best fish tacos around. So these are just "fairly" good to me. As a point of reference, Rubio's fish tacos are below average to me.

Other things Ive eaten here and enjoy...Camarones al Mojo De Ajo (garlic shrimp), Camarones ala Diabla ("devil shirmp")...and the Mojarra Frita (whole fried fish [with the head and tail etc])., and the occaisonal order of oysters on the 1/2 shell.

La Playita Seafood Restaurant
5185 Clairemont Mesa Blvd.
San Diego California 92117
Phone: (858) 874-6484 - -=Stilgar=- , posted 03/18/08
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